Barbara Vondergoltz Flesch, DDS provides a variety of dental services in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas of Katy, Bellaire, Sugar Land, and Western Houston. We value your feedback and invite you to leave a review if you have something to say about the treatment you received at our practice. We look forward to hearing from you!

I had read great reviews on Dr. Flesch’s office, so I decided to make the 35-mile trek from my house instead of seeking a dental office closer, and am so glad that I did! The staff (everyone from Dr. Flesch, to her assistants, to the receptionist Suzie) was very professional, personable, and made me feel comfortable. I’m actually looking forward to going back for a checkup in a few months, and honestly, who really looks forward to going to the dentist!? Check her out, you won’t regret it!Jenn H.

Dr. Flesch and her staff are wonderful and very professional! Highly recommend. Over the top care for me and listened to my concerns. Easy to work with in scheduling of appointments and personal attention to follow up care. So glad I am now her patient!Cindy B.

Dr. Flesch is truly amazing. She treats you like family and is very helpful in telling you what you need and don’t need. Her and her staff are very professional and courteous. Donald D.

Both my wife and I are retired and needed substantial maintenance/restorative dental work, which included extractions, beautiful cosmetic fillings in the front, and a partial plate. Dr. Barbara Flesch has been most professional in all matters including describing what needed to be done, why and what alternatives were available. Her concern for our comfort and her performance of the work has been absolutely outstanding. Her offices are modern and tasteful. Her staff of Susie, Silvia, Cathy, Tania, and Sharon are efficient and courteous. We both highly recommend Dr. Flesch and her team to anyone looking for something special in personal dental care.Robert R.

I have been to a few dentists before Dr. Flesch, but I stayed with her once I found her, and I would recommend the same for anyone else.Anonymous

If you are looking for a smart dentist that is good at her job, I really recommend Dr. Flesch.Anonymous

She is more than my dentist. She really takes the time to hear me out, and she remembers everything about my family. She has become a great friend. I trust her as my dentist. I always feel like I am in good hands.Anonymous

She is great! SHE IS HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY: a lot of dentists have to make a certain quota by the end of each year, so they make you think you need more work done than you actually do. She will tell you the honest truth. I have had dentists tell me I needed stuff, and I went to a consultation with her, and she showed me a way to avoid having to pay so much and still fix my problem! To this day, I don’t have that problem anymore! I wish I could give her 10 stars…Anonymous

I have used her my whole life, and I have gotten my friends to start seeing her as well.Anonymous

My whole family goes to Dr. Flesch, and we all love it.Anonymous